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Instant Web Presence™ was founded by Steve Marks and Robert Newhart Jr. out of a passion to help Attorney’s grow their Practice so that they can make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.  We started the business with three simple principles:

  • Deliver results in advance, using Spotlight Videos to build your Brand and get prospects to know, like, and trust you Before they ever meet you!
  • Over Promise AND Over Deliver!
  • Don’t just compete with your competition when you can dominate them!

Using our unique God-Given talents, we build various web properties and videos with a local market phone number and then rank them and all their search results within a 30 mile radius of each Metro City to DOMINATE the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube search results.  Our clients that are a good fit for our system dominate the local search results on page 1 for millions of highly relevant hyper-local Geo-targeted search terms that increase the number of new qualified prospects by 84% in as little as 90 days!

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Steve Marks

Steve Marks

Creative Director

Co-Founder of Instant Web Presence™.  After a successful career in the Printing Industry, Steve discovered search engine optimization and how powerful it truly was. Spending the majority of his professional career helping large corporations grow their businesses, he decided to leverage his skills to help turn Small Business Websites and Videos into revenue producing machines for his clients. Over the last 3 years, Steve has and continues to master his craft with some of the top SEO and video experts in the World. His unique talent and understanding of seo helps him get websites and videos ranked with multiple listings on the first page of google search results for thousands of the best bankruptcy search terms.  This helps Instant Web Presence™ Bankruptcy Attorney clients dominate their competition and get more clients.

Robert Newhart Jr.

Robert Newhart Jr.

Executive Producer

Robert is an International Best Selling Author, Business Coach & Consultant, and the Co-Founder of Instant Web Presence™.  Robert has been studying and implementing successful Reputation, SEO and digital media strategies since 2001 and has over 30 years experience owning, managing, and consulting small and medium size businesses. Almost 10 years as a Manager and Consultant in the Wireless Industry.  Through those experiences he gained a keen sense of what is needed for a business practice to be profitable and how to effortlessly attract your best prospects in today’s digital marketplace. This will give you more clients, more profits, and more time freedom.  His wireless experience is invaluable for our clients as the search engines and technology in general moves from typing to speaking, from desktop to mobile.

James Brandt

James Brandt

Retired - Part-time Blogger

James helps Instant Web Presence™ with some blogging and reports to Steve.  Since retiring back in 2004, I now love to spend time with my Wife and Children along with our seven Grandchildren. We also enjoy playing golf, hiking and fishing along with traveling throughout the United States. I also am fluent in spanish, so we love to visit our neighbors south of the border when we can.

A Christian Company - Followers of Jesus Christ

A Christian Company!

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*Note: We are not attorneys, but we are The Preeminent Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing Experts.